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Lessons learned in my first English interview


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I've attended my first job interview in English to work with blockchain development. The requirement was complex, and I knew that I wouldn't get the job.

The opportunity came to me. I don't have reasons to decline this meeting. I accepted and did well for myself.

In the meeting, I've had my first long talk in English, learned new things, received tips and suggestions for my career out of Brazil. All feedback that I received in this call was good for me. Even failing and didn't get the job, I learned a lot of things only by not refusing the meeting.

If you are still starting your career and don't have a lot of experience, it doesn't make sense to refuse ANY opportunity to learn something, be it a meeting or anything else. Just accept. You have nothing to lose. This mentality provided me with a lot of knowledge. In a short period, I got two opportunities, one that's being a blockchain job. Just with articles, learn in public and opensource.

"I'm not ready for this"

The market is not up for Juniors. I recommend you to read this thread. The startups want seniors because they have more experience than you and can solve more problems. But how to compete with this? With more experience. When someone saying "I'm a Junior" or something like that, this person is limiting themselves. Say "I'm not ready for this" is bullshit.

If you don't have experience, you will never know when is the best time to apply for some job. The decision to wait for a "better moment" makes you lose opportunities and knowledge. Accept, learn, and try again. The more you fail, the closer you are to getting it. Why? Experience. How to get more experience? More opensource, interviews, projects, and you will get more experience to apply for any opportunities.