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Stop thinking about learning curve


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Why? Because it doesn't care.

You don't need to prepare to learn something. You need more practice and less overthinking. Learning is not linear, and you will not get expected results when you start something.

Read "Study Backwards". You should not start with the technology.

What does Learning Curve mean?

Is a term to define a curve of learning based on what you know and don't know. Example: I want to learn ReactJS, but I don't have ANY knowledge about JS. My curve will be high.

But people lose more time than needed thinking about that. And I will explain why.

What does "learning is not linear" mean?

At school, we learn how to learn wrongly. The system made you think that to know something you need to follow a step-by-step and that this is linear, like a movie or game. And this is not true.

In real life, you probably will need to learn something faster than you can and learn by demand. You won't know the "dependencies" of learning when getting some tasks at your work and don't have a teacher to guide you. At school, you know in advance the content that will be in your test, but this happens only at school.

Example: want to code smart contracts in Rust? Ok, try to start coding. If you slice, probably will think "to code a smart contract in Rust, first I need to learn and know a lot about Rust." And NO, this is wrong. This line of thought creates a snowball and makes you give up. Want to learn about smart contracts in Rust? Ok, code your smart contract, and you will know what you need of Rust to code your project.

In the real world, you shouldn't ever wait for linear things. Is chaotic.