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Why experience time requirement is bullshit


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You probably have a bad metric!

In some works requirements, I saw "X time with Y technology" and this is wrong. I don't care if you are a two years developer or five. I want you to solve my problems and I can pay you for that! But the majority of people don't think about that.

Are you able to solve these problems?

This question is good. Why? Because I asking about the REAL problems. In my working day, does not matter my time with some technology. The something that matters is if I can solve some issues at the correct time. Ok, but how can I solve more problems?

You need more code

The only form to be able to solve issues in coding is code more than you still code. And this has a difference between "X years with Y technology". Because you have time to solve problems, and not one-year copying video tutorials with JavaScript or another language and saying that you are a good developer. Your time solving issues are more important than your time with some technology. And when startups and developers get this mentality, your life probably goes have easier.