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What is a 10x Dev or an Elite Dev?

A direct analogy is with elite athletes. They are always beyond their limits, they never stop, and even when they are hurt they keep active somehow. This athlete is ready for anything.

An elite dev must be ready to solve anything. He will code more than anyone, solve more problems than anyone and read more than anyone.

The limit

Most of the devs seek safety in excess, something illogic that could turn into a problem in the long run. It is not possible to get better results if one is always doing the same thing, this reveals only that you are in the same situation as thousands of people and emphasizes, even more, your comfort zone. In the end, people like this are easily replaceable. Being on average is not enough.

Always seek your limit, know it. This way it is possible to measure how far you can go. A car fast enough will overturn in the first corner it passes, but why doesn't this happen so frequently in professional races? Because they know their limits, this is essential when the goal is to be always improving.

Overturn is not a problem

If you can't keep up 100% with everything, probably you are reaching your limit, and this is not a problem. Now it remains to improve over this, keep it a constant and be always improving.

Solve more problems

  • As said in the beginning, the dev is capable can solve anything. For this, you need to be in touch with a wild range of problems. A way to start the transition for an Elite dev is to solve more exercises like codewars. If you face a problem and have no idea how to solve it, you must improve a lot.

  • Expand this to your work. Be proactive. Don't solve only your problems and the ones given to you, think about what the others are doing and ways to improve what they are doing. The more exposition you get the better it is.

  • Try to write about all of it. Share your ideas and conclusions publicly to keep most people around your thoughts. This way, you can find a way towards the truth through people that think and study about some topic. This process of writing can be a blog or a tweet, doesn't matter. Just share your mind.


Nothing here will work if you are not 100% involved. If you are on tech for the hype, money and other similar goals probably won't reach your limit because this is not your main goal.