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How to live an easy life making excuses?


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On Twitter, I saw frequently excuses for different things and challenges that peoples have in life. The most excuses for something is "X is very difficult" or think "I don't need or learn Y". This mentality is wrong.

Excuses limit yourself

When you say that something is very difficult, you build a big and strong wall in your brain that will limit you to learn new things. The first and more important step for don't be mediocre is to start new things everyday and never stop or give up.

You need to learn everything that you can. Read all my Pinned posts in this blog to understand why you need to do this and build your snowball of knowledge.

You don't improve with excuses

With excuses, you never get better because you risk less, and with less risk, you don't improve your skills. Read Lessons learned in my first English interview to understand.

Do not run away

Exiting to a job safer is easy. Improving the job, coding better, and showing solutions is difficult, and some people prefer running away then solving big problems.When you do this, you get stuck, staged, mediocre.

Don't search for safe environments. I recommend you to read the Zero to One book, and understand that you shouldn't work in a FAANG, but in the next FAANG. Make what other people made before don't have innovation. Again, you will be mediocre.